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Stéphane Blanquet

Born in 1973 in France

Published by L’Association, Cornelius, Le Dernier Cri ... Blanquet’s work for magazines such as Zero Zero and Blab! as well as its collaboration with Fantagraphic Books and Last Gap Comix made him one of the few contemporary French artists active in the world of American comics. What distinguishes his work is that there is often no text in his stories.

For Quintet, Stéphane Blanquet creates an installation.


Born in 1948 in France

He started comics in 1972 and from 1977 he worked regularly for L’Echo des Savanes, Charlie Hebdo, Hara-Kiri, Fluide Glacial, La Gueule Ouverte and Métal Hurlant, then also for A Suivre. Since the 90s, Masse transferred his poetic world into sculpture.

For Quintet, Masse shows sculptures and colour comic plates.

Gilbert Shelton

Born in 1940 in the USA

He belongs to the underground of the West Coast (USA) and is living in France for many years. He is the author of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and The Adventures of Fat Freddy’s cat. Moreover, he draws many posters of concerts and films.

For Quintet, Gilbert Shelton presents colour comic plates and illustrations representative of his universe.

Joost Swarte

Born in 1947 in the Netherlands

Designer and architect, he also created many records sleeves, posters... Inventor of the clear line, he develops an absurd sense of humor and sketches out very typical characters. He is a contributor to the New Yorker.

For Quintet, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon presents a retrospective of his whole graphic work.

Chris Ware

Born in 1967 in USA

Chris Ware’s books are strange and fascinating objects, because of their design and of a highly personal way of componing pages. His autobiographical stories often depict a pathetic portrait of human being, like for his Jimmy Corrigan’s character.

For Quintet, Chris Ware proposes 70 colour comic plates, representative of his cult series.