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Interior space

The museum’s creations policy for works of art required the architect to design a completely modular interior space capable of meeting the multiple demands of artists as well as adapting to the diverse exhibition layouts designed by the curators.

This mobility is completely invisible. The system retained allows walls to be built around the works. The principle makes it possible to vary the visits and layouts and to present a new museum for every exhibition. The three exhibition floors (2,700 m2 in total) can be completely lacking in walls and can offer clear 700 or 1,000 m2 floors. Modular natural, artificial and overhead natural lighting (3rd floor) can also be used with this system.

Whether for a Roller Coaster by the artist, Cai Guo-Qiang, a “Crying Wall” by Ann Hamilton, or a Salt Water Pool by Mathieu Briand, the museum transforms itself for each artistic project and thus offers a completely different visit every time.