img_logo_impression Lori Hersberger

Lori Hersberger

September 19, 2008 - January 4, 2009

Lori Hersberger was born in Basel (Switzerland) in 1964 where he studied video and sculpture at the art academy in the early 1990s. He lives and works in Zurich and Basel.

Since the beginning of his career Hersberger has been alternately working with painting, architecture and video. And since the late 1990’s he has also been experimenting with the usage of colour and with the shaping of space - these being two fundamental questions which, in fact, underly his entire artistic search. By making use of real mirrors in his works, Hersberger attempts to evoke a particularly intense atmosphere. Serigraphy, fl uorescent inks and neon colours determine the rhythm of his installations. By his gesture (spraying, dripping or making use of sponges), colours go beyond the frame, penetrate the surrounding walls or squirt the mirrors lying on the floor.

On the occasion of the new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon the artist will specially create new artworks.