img_logo_impression Christian Lhopital

Christian Lhopital

September 19, 2008 - January 4, 2009

Twenty-four years after a first exhibition at which two large drawings are entered in his collection, the Museum of Contemporary Art invites Christian Lhopital to create a new work, produced by the Museum.

Make on the walls of the Museum, drawing invests the entirety of a room almost like an installation. Christian Lhopital deploys on the white wall and with the use of graphite powder, a material lighter and volatile that he applies directly with fingers or by rubbing with a cloth, a cloudy space. Of all emerging here and there, a pair of eyes, a head, an animal, characters, straight from childhood, but often taking finery demonic. From the anthracite magma, this black powder contrasts with the white of the support and becomes a drawing while shades of gray, shaped by the interplay of degraded.