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Technical data of building

Opening: 19 December 1995.
Total duration of work: 14 months, begun in September 1994 and completed in November 1995.

Surface areas

Floor area: 1,386 m2
Total area: 6,300 m2
Length of building: 42 m
Width: 33 m
Height: 22 m on Park side, 23 m on Rhone side.
Exhibitions: 2,620 m2 on three floors.
Large 560 m2 glazed area on the top floor (see Natural overhead lighting, PDF document, 1.26 Mb)
Rhone side entrance: 154 m2 glazed wall with revolving doors giving on the inner street of the Cité Internationale.


100 m2 resource area
100 m2 lecture hall (72 seats)
220 m2 young visitor's workshop
Wall screen on the frontage facing the Rhone.
60 m2 bookshop and shopping area
100 m2 bar and restaurant


Front cladding: terra cotta and coated sheet metal
Floors: maple-wood flooring in the exhibition halls and Montanay stone (limestone) in the reception areas.
Ceilings: medium.
Walls: Plaster-lined and painted in white.

Specific technical data

Removable wall system in the exhibition halls
Alternation of electric rails and air returns in the ceilings.