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Exhibitions from 16th February to 29th April 2007

Fabien Verschaere

Seven Days Hotel

Born in 1975, Fabien Verschaere lives and works in Paris. He is a well recognised artist on the contemporary scene, and this is his third collaboration with the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. For the project Seven Days Hotel, Fabien Verschaere has transformed the museum into a hotel. In a universe which occupies the space between dream and nightmare, the seven rooms of the hotel trace the initiating journey taken by a sick child to face the world.

Une Question de Génération

Curated by Michel Ritter, director of the Swiss Cultural Centre of Paris.

This exhibition explores the generation of Swiss artists who have established themselves on the national and international contemporary art scenes. Through a by no means exhaustive selection of 12 artists born between 1962 and 1967, the exhibition displays their creative diversity.

The exhibition presents works by Francis Baudevin, Andreas Dobler, Christoph Draeger, Massimo Furlan, Bob Gramsma, Fabrice Gygi, Lori Hersberger, Claudia & Julia Muller, Pipilotti Rist, Ugo Rondinone, Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger, Sydney Stucki, Christoph Buchel, Yan Duvvendak, Laurent Goei, Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler, Marianne Muller, Elodie Pong, Markus Wetzel, and Ingrid Wildi.

Yona Friedman

Born in Budapest in 1923, Hungarian architect Yona Friedman has lived in France since 1948. Qualified utopian architect, he defends the notion that architecture is not a finished product realised by an architect, but rather, the result of proccesses and modifications generated by those that inhabit architecture. The Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon as invited Yona Friedman to create, in its space, a grand work in scale of one of his numerous utopian projects.

Bertrand Grosol, Le MamiWata

MamiWata is a project of internal navigation imagined and created by Bertrand Grosol. To join together the Mediterranean and the North Sea, he has designed a boat which functions as an explorative tool, recording sounds of nature. His creation is a hybrid of fiction, sculpture, architecture and living matter.

Armenie Contemporaine – Contemporary video art

As part of l’Année de l’Arménie en France, the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon has chose to show contemporary Armenian video production. Beginning with the work of Hamlet Hovsepian, a selection of recent fims is presented, from artists belonging to the group Troisieme Etage, up until the youngest generation of artists. Artists shown are Varham Aghasyan, Diana Hakobyan, Hamlet Hovsepian, Arman Grigoryan, Tigran Khachatryan and Karine Matsakian.